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By Walter Kern

Provides important links to motorcycle forums where you can post and read messages from other motorcycle riders.

Motorcycle Views Forum
This is the motorcycle forum attached to this site. It's an all-brand motorcycle forum with some of the best riders anywhere. Ask any question. Become a regular on this motorcycle forum and get to know riders of all experience levels. Click any of the following links to go to the Motorcycle Views Forum and read the complete discussion.

Forum Tips
Tips on how to use our Motorcycle Forum called Motorcycle Views.

Forum Ride Index
Gives pictures and descriptions of various rides and rallies attended by forum members.

Motorcycle Forums
Just what is a motorcycle forum? What use is it? Is it a necessary part of becoming a motorcyclist? Find out.

Motorcycle Views Forum Member Index
Gives member number information. Motorcycles Forum
Large general motorcycle forum founded by me in 1999.

Americade Message Board
Learn about the Americade rally especially before and after each rally through postings from regulars and newbies.

BurgmanUSA Forum and Website
Forum devoted to the Suzuki Burgman scooter.
Forum devoted to Honda motorcycles. Forum
This forum specializes in discussions about the Honda Gold Wing GL1800 motorcycle.

GWRRA SIG Message Boards
All the Special Interest Groups (SIG) of the Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA) are available here. You do have to have a GWRRA membership to post but you can read without being a member.

The Motorcycle Tourer's Forum
Extremely active group of riders into motorcycle touring. They offer a forum on Delphi where all touring concerns are covered.

Speed Insider Forum
Comment on motorcycle matters as discussed on the Speed Channel.

Speedzilla - Motorcycle Message Boards
Active forum devoted to sportbikes.

Trikes Message Board
This is the forum for Trike Riders International (TRI).
This is a slick UK message board containing a variety of topics from General to Biker Pubs. It has that decidedly British flavour and you'll enjoy the use of the King's English in a delightfully different way from normally seen on USA boards.

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