Motorcycle Problems and Solutions

By Walter F. Kern

Practical solutions to real-world motorcycle problems

Many riders have problems with their bikes. Solutions to these problems could come from self-knowledge, reading, talking to friends, conversing with mechanics, checking out Internet forums, or taking the bike to a dealer. The later choice may prove to be the most costly so most riders will try the other alternatives first.

Over the years, we have received many requests for solutions to repair and maintenance problems. Since I'm not a motorcycle mechanic, I tend to refer these to our Motorcycle Views forum where daily visitors are ready with a multitude of backgrounds to take on any question posed. However, the responses can get a bit disjointed at times and even off the subject, making searching through discussions for that gem of a solution, daunting at times.

That's why I have decided to start a series of Motorcycle Problems and Solutions. Only the most common problems will be addressed so most readers will see a problem that may be affecting them. I'll state the problem exactly as posed by a reader but then I will provide a solution based on the forum responses and possibly add my own thoughts.

If you have a motorcycle repair or maintenance problem that you feel has wide appeal, just post your problem in the Motorcycle Repair Corner of the Motorcycle Views Forum. Additional problems and solutions will be added to this feature as I see new repair and maintenance discussions that should be given a wider audience.

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