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By Walter F. Kern

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Dec. 04, 2016 : Recalls: Suzuki, Yamaha, Vega, Ivolution; 2017 Honda and Kawasaki Motorcycle Models; Trike Pictures; Poll: Have you ridden any Iron Butt rides?; Picture of the Month; My Memoir, Normal Secrets

Nov. 06, 2016 : Recalls: Polaris (2), BMW, Ducati(2), and Aprilia; New 2017 Motorcycle Models; Beginners; Poll: When you bought your first new bike, what make was it?; Picture of the Month; My Memoir, Normal Secrets

Oct. 02, 2016 : Recalls: Honda, BMW, Zero, WSB; My Reunion/Memoir Trip to Normal; Poll: When did you get your license?; Picture of the Month; My Memoir Status

Sept 04, 2016 : Recalls: 3 Helmets, Honda, BRP; Watch 'Harley and the Davidsons' Monday on Discovery; Poll: Did you race motorcycles?; Picture of the Month; I Am Writing a Memoir

Aug. 07, 2016 : Recalls: Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Indian, Triumph, EVOS Helmet; Sturgis Rally Opens; Galleries of Harley-Davidson, Indian, and BMW; Poll: Do you help other riders on the road?; Picture of the Month

July 03, 2016 : Kymco/Ducati Recalls, 2016 Suzuki/Yamaha Seat Heights, Antique Motorcycle Ads, Poll: Who are you?, Picture of the Month

June 05, 2016 : H-D/Honda/KTM Recalls, More 2016 Seat Heights, Women on Motorcycles, Newsletter Now Monthly, Poll: Would you buy a bike with an air bag?, Picture of the Month

May 22, 2016 : 2016 Motorcycle Seat Heights: Lowest to Highest, Rolling Thunder Memorial Day Ride, Poll: When you ride in the winter where it's cold, what do you wear?, New Purple Rain Picture

May 08, 2016 : Mother's Day, Purple Rain and my first bike, Poll: What do you do if it starts to rain while you're riding?, Picture of the Month, Polar Bear Best Pics of 2015-2016

Apr. 24, 2016 : 4 Helmet Recalls, Honda Recall, Americade Rally, Newsletter Archive, Poll: What's the engine displacement on your bike?, 2 Motorcycle Videos

Apr. 10, 2016 : New Motorcycle Company, Honda & Triumph Recalls, Last Ride with Jane, Video: Cops vs Fast Bike, Buying a Motorcycle, Poll: Do you buy new or used?, Pic of the Month

Mar. 27, 2016 : Husqvarna & Campagna Recalls, 56 Recommended Books, My Recalls Database, Poll: Have you ever ridden a sidecar rig?, Polar Bears visit Chatterbox and Brian's H-D

Mar. 13, 2016 : Elio Motorcycle, Motorcycle Kick-Starts Audible Edition is here, Beetles & Bikes, Honda & Helmet City Recalls, Poll: Would you put down a deposit on an Elio?

Feb. 28, 2016 : Kawasaki Ninja Recall, Daytona Bike Week, How to Get Back Into Motorcycling, Poll: Which of these trikes appeals to you?, 5 Moto Terms, Pic of the Month?

Feb. 14, 2016 : Motorcycle Picture Galleries, GMAX Helmet Recall, Poll: What do you want from a new motorcycle?. Five Motorcycle Terms, Two Polar Bear Runs

Jan. 31, 2016 : Massive Suzuki Recall, 2016 Motorcycles, Poll: How often do you wear a helmet?, Motorcycle Terms, Motorcycle Kick-Starts Audiobook, Picture of the Month

Jan. 17, 2016 : Honda and Suzuki Recalls, Yamaha History, Major Rallies for 2016, Poll: Your Favorite Kind of Motorcycle?, How to Buy a Bike from a Dealer, Pictures and

Jan. 03, 2016 : Happy 2016, Best Pictures of 2015, Honda and Yamaha Recalls, Sportster History, Poll: What was your first motorcycle?, Polar Bears go to The Tilted Kilt

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