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By Walter F. Kern

Pictures of motorcycle choppers

Since people like to look at motorcycle chopper pictures, I have created a picture gallery of motorcycle choppers as submitted by visitors to this site. This Chopper Gallery begins with pictures and descriptions previously submitted to me. Going forward, any chopper picture submissions made to my Moto Pics gallery will also go in the Chopper Gallery.

Gallery > Motorcycle Chopper Pictures

Motorcycle chopper picture

Choppers are motorcycles that have had various parts "chopped off" to create a lighter, faster, more stylish machine that also more closely fits the personality and lifestyle of its owner. Choppers have been around a long time. Their first influence was felt in the 1960s. However, recently, there has been more interest in choppers since certain TV shows have figured out a way to make the creation of choppers a form of home entertainment. Read my article, Choppers , for more information.

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Do you own a chopper? Send in a picture of you and your chopper. We will place it in the Motorcycle Choppers Gallery. Submit a picture and description today. These pictures will also become part of the Moto Pic Gallery .

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Gallery > Motorcycle Chopper Pictures

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