Motorcycle Pictures by Year and Model for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

By Walter F. Kern

Harley-Davidson Motorcycle pictures are shown by year and model.

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Motorcycle Owner
1912 H-D X8E (chain drive) Scott Ericson
1916 H-D Uncle Tom Love
1920 H-D Sport Louis Hale
1930 H-D VC Thomas Woodward
1932 H-D VL Jim Washburn
1932 H-D Servi-Car Jack Andis
1934 H-D 74 c.i. Debbie Simpkins
1935 H-D VL Louis Hale
1937 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead EL Stroker Keith Mittan
1937 H-D 61 c.i. Knucklehead Rick Rickards
1941 H-D Knucklehead Carl Edd
1941 H-D WLA Ken Bonacorso
1941 or 1942 H-D WL flathead Ron Burns
1942 H-D 45 c.i. Debbie Simpkins
1942 H-D Knucklehead POPS 42
1946 H-D 74 c.i. Knucklehead Debbie Simpkins
1946 H-D Servi-Car Chopper Buzz
1947 H-D Knucklehead John K. Endrizzi
1947 H-D Knucklehead S(ot
1948 H-D WL 45 c.i. Custom Rick Rickards
1949 H-D Chopper Phil Blais
1949 H-D Panhead Custom Chopper Grover Cochran
1949 H-D Panhead Angel
1949 H-D WL Janice
1950 H-D FL Pan/Shovel Tom Woodward
1950 H-D WL Justen Parello
1951 H-D Panhead Dewayne Logan
1953 H-D FL Panhead Frank Matteucci
1953 H-D ST 165 Hummer Amy Lee
1954 H-D Dwight
1954 H-D 74FL Panhead, 50th Anniversary Edition Joe Honeycutt
1955 H-D 74 c.i. Ewald E Seignemartin
1956 H-D 74 c.i. Panhead Bill Reeves
1958 H-D Sportster Rob Roth
1962 H-D Sportster XLCH (900cc) David Seale
1963 H-D Sportster Gary Iverson
1964 H-D Duo-Glide Police Bike Bonnie
1964 H-D Sportster Ironhead XLCH Muti
1965 H-D 74 c.i. Electraglide Elmo
1966 H-D 74 c.i. Shovelhead Bill Reeves
1966 H-D Sportster XLCH Herb S
1967 H-D Sportster XLH J. P. McGee
1968 H-D FLH Bob Johns
1968 H-D Sportster XLCH Clayton Restall
1968 H-D Sportster XLCH Robert Teters
1969 H-D FLH Electra Glide Kevin Helms
1969 H-D FLH ElectraGlide Russ Bergs
1969 H-D Chopper Old School Rigid Kicker Larry Fort
1969 H-D Sportster Bob Feeley
1969 H-D XLCH Custom Low Rider Chopper Oldman
1970 H-D XLCH Sportster Custom Chopper Liam
1970 H-D FLH Electraglide Hogbrother
1970 H-D Sportster XLCH Tom Nichols
1971 H-D Servi-Car Anonymous
1972 H-D Sportster Sundance Kid
1972 H-D Ironhead Sportster bobber Edeee2
1972 H-D Shovelhead Rick
1972 H-D Sportster XLH Frank Matteucci
1973 H-D Iron Head Big Blaine
1973 H-D Servi-Car Robert Flynn
1973 H-D Sportster XLCH Al
1974 H-D Sportster Tony Powell
1975 H-D Shovelhead Custom ManiacMac
1975 H-D Sportster Ronnie L Johnston Jr
1975 H-D Custom Chopper Gary Wilson
1976 H-D FLH Electra Glide Roy
1976 H-D Sportster XLCH Steve
1977 H-D Electraglide Jim Dirks
1977 H-D Sportster XLT Brian Boettcher
1978 H-D FLH Dresser 75th Anniversary Model Linda Scholtz
1978 H-D Sportster XLCH Dan
1978 H-D Sportster XLH The Professor
1979 Harley-Davidson w/2005 VW engine trike conversion LaJuana
1979 H-D Super Glide Fat Bob FXEF 80 First Year
1979 H-D FXEF Fat Bob Shovel Hacksaw
1979 H-D Sportster George L. Cambanis
1979 H-D Sportster Hugger Jon
1980 H-D Sportster XLH1000 Al Lucchino
1980 H-D Sportster XLH Joe
1980 H-D FXWG Wideglide 1340 Shovelhead Bob Day
1980 H-D Sportster XLH-1000 David Little
1981 H-D Sportster Paul Gallaway
1982 H-D Sportster XLH 1000 Ken Hildebrand
1983 H-D XLS Roadster Sportster Daryl Kohler
1984 H-D Sportster John Papi
1985 H-D FLT Alain Fortin
1985 H-D FXRS Bob Carbon
1985 H-D Sportster XLS Roadster Hans Hull
1986 H-D FLHTC Liberty Edition Doug McCollum
1986 H-D FLHTC Electra Glide Classic "Liberty" Edition Dinger
1986 H-D FLTC Perry Welch
1986 H-D Sportster 883/1200 Conversion Steve
1987 H-D FXRS Brian Cole
1987 H-D FXRS Jeff
1987 H-D Softail Custom Michael Mcintire
1987 H-D Sportster XLH Sam Dakin
1988 H-D FXSTS SpringerDoug
1988 H-D Sportster XLH883 Ed England
1988 H-D Sportster XLH883 Joseph G.
1989 H-D FLHS Joe
1989 H-D Sportster Sanrae

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1990 H-D FLSTC Heritage Softail Classic Raymond Austin, Jr.
1990 H-D Softail Springer Jose Manuel Salvador
1991 H-D FXR Convertible Scott Crider
1991 H-D Sportster Tam Von Trouble
1991 H-D Sportster XLH1200 Shaun McCluskey
1992 H-D Sportster 883-1200 Conversion Kenny Helwig
1992 H-D Sportster XLH Otter
1993 H-D Sportster XL1200 Hacksaw
1993 H-D Sportster 883 Deluxe w/1200 Conversion James Harper
1994 H-D Sportster XLH 883 Hugger Frank Spero
1994 H-D Sportster 883 Deluxe Stan
1994 H-D Sportster 883 w/1200 Conversion Billy Vogel
1994 H-D Sportster 1200 w/Lehman Trike Conversion Jan Aguirre
1995 H-D FLHTC Chris Zwickl
1995 H-D Softail Custom Flipper
1995 H-D Sportster XLH1200 Larry Miller
1996 H-D FLHR Road King Rick Poff
1996 H-D Sportster 883 Elena (Lenny)
1996 H-D Sportster 1200 Harleymike56
1997 H-D FXDL Dyna Low Rider Alex
1997 H-D Softail Custom Dean
1997 H-D Sportster XL1200S Sport Lonnie W. Cavenee
1997 H-D Sportster w/American Trike Kit Matt
1998 H-D FLSTC Heritage Classic John C. Berardo
1998 H-D Sportster 1200 Custom 95th Anniversary Enrique Garcia
1998 H-D Ultra Classic Electra Glide Trike Bob Suring
1999 H-D Electra Glide Classic Outrigger
1999 H-D Electra Glide Classic w/Frankenstein Trike Conversion Outrigger
1999 H-D Dyna Wide Glide Patrick
1999 H-D FLHTCUI Ultra Classic Electra Glide Steve Fessel
1999 H-D Heritage Softail w/ Motor Trike conversion Deonna Poole
1999 H-D Sportster 1200 Ken Bonacorso
2000 H-D Electra Glide Standard FLHTCI Jim Sciacca
2000 H-D Fat Boy Buck Moore
2000 H-D FXSTD Softail Deuce deuce2000
2000 H-D Sportster 883 Nick Piazza
2000 H-D Sportster 883 Custom Leroy Becker
2000 H-D Ultra Classic Parade Bike Alan J. Pinkstaff
2000 H-D Ultra FLHTCUI Clyde S 81
2001 H-D Electra Glide Smitty and the Mouse
2001 H-D Dyna FXDXT Sport Touring DebbieS 81
2001 H-D Electra Glide Standard w/DFT trike conversion Trike Boy
2001 H-D FXST Softail Standard Keith Smith
2001 H-D Sportster 883 Custom Ray Triplett
2001 H-D Sportster XLC 883-1200 Lehman Trike Danny Sorgman
2002 H-D Dyna Wide Glide Bike Mike
2002 H-D Electra Glide Standard Gordon Burkett
2002 H-D FXSTSI Kent Anderson
2002 H-D Night Train Tony Brooks
2002 H-D Road King Custom Michael Billups
2002 H-D Sportster 883XL Armando "Chip" Rodriguez Granada
2002 H-D Sportster 1200 Custom Mark Gelsheimer
2003 H-D 100th Anniversary Sportster 1200 Mike Kozlin
2003 H-D Dyna Low Rider Linda McCartney
2003 H-D FXDL Dyna Low Rider Donna AKA FrogBiker
2003 H-D FXST Custom Keith Mittan
2003 H-D Limited Edition Road Glide Mark
2003 H-D Softail Deuce Tom G.
2003 H-D Softail Deuce Cindy Billups
2003 H-D Sportster 883 Chase Dickson
2003 H-D Sportster XL1200C Rick from NJ
2004 H-D Screamin' Eagle Deuce Debbie Smith
2004 H-D Sportster 1200 Custom Laurie King
2004 H-D Sportster w/Frankenstein Trike Kit Toni
2004 H-D V-Rod Trike Theresa Williams
2005 H-D Fat Boy Elmer Lane
2005 H-D Road King Custom Ian
2005 H-D Softail Deluxe Mary Anne
2005 H-D Sportster XL883L Ro
2005 H-D Sportster 883 HDBABE
2005 H-D Sportster 883 Karen
2005 H-D Sportster 883XL Trike Lady Rider
2005 H-D Sportster 1200 Tom's Gal
2005 H-D Ultra Classic Jimi
2006 H-D Dyna Glide w/Champion Trike Kit Bill
2006 H-D FLHRSI Gorgo
2006 H-D FLHXI Street Glide Joseph Meece
2006 H-D Road King Custom Jidge
2006 H-D CVO Screaming Eagle Ultra Classic Steve Cook
2006 H-D Sportster XL883 Custom Trike Mike Abbott
2006 H-D Sportster XL1200C Bill Robertson
2006 H-D Sportster 1200L Pauline
2006 H-D Sportster XL1200 Low Richard Colfer
2006 H-D Street Glide PhedUp
2006 H-D Street Bob Bob
2006 H-D Street Bob Stanton Ferrell
2006 H-D Street Bob Robert Dowdell
2007 H-D FLSTC Heritage Softail Classic Mike Tallon
2007 H-D Heritage Softail Classic Timothy
2007 H-D Sportster 883 Prince Kurisinkal
2007 H-D Sportster 883XL Low Black Cat
2007 H-D Sportster XL 1200 Custom Ginger
2007 H-D Sportster XL-50 John
2007 H-D Ultra Classic Doug
2007 H-D Ultra Classic w/Roadsmith Trike Kit Darrell & Betty
2008 H-D custom Larry Bennett
2008 H-D Dyna Glide Low Rider Jed Howe
2008 H-D Electra Glide Classic John Costello
2008 H-D FXDC Super Glide Mike of America
2008 H-D Night Rod Special Rick
2008 H-D Rocker Orlando Reyna
2008 H-D Softail Cross Bones John "Doc" East
2008 H-D Sportster 883 Janet (Mahar) Monahan
2008 H-D Sportster XL883L Jenny
2008 H-D Sportster 1200C Cindy Billups
2008 H-D Street Glide Mike Ram
2008 H-D Street Glide Torii
2008 H-D Ultra Classic, 105th Anniversary Edition Roy Bober
2008 H-D Ultra Classic, 105th Anniversary Edition Bo
2008 H-D Ultra Classic CVO Johnny White
2009 H-D Dyna Lowrider Neice
2009 H-D Heritage Softail Boxcar
2009 H-D Softail Deluxe Pauline
2009 H-D Sportster XL883C w/Trike Conversion John Fletcher
2009 H-D Sportster 1200 Low Kari
2009 H-D Tri-Glide Ultra Classic Norman & Dorothy
2010 H-D Limited Danny McIntire
2010 H-D Sportster Iron 883 Juanita Steffe
2010 H-D Sportster Iron 883 Joel Storm
2010 H-D Tri-Glide Doc Shumway
2010 H-D Ultra Classic Trike Marchand
2011 H-D Dyna Wide Glide Tammy King
2011 H-D Street Glide Jack Small
2011 H-D Ultra Road Glide CVO Robert Blasi
2012 H-D Softail Deluxe (FLSTN) Sparky
2012 H-D Softail Slim Jam Jam
2012 H-D Tri-Glide Ultra Classic Capt. Lou
2013 H-D Sportster 883 Cheryl Calella
2013 H-D Ultra Road Glide Ultra Uglicoyote
2014 H-D Ultra Limited Gary Rosen
2015 H-D Ultra Limited Noe Lozano
2015 H-D Ultra Limited Danny Stanley
2016 H-D Fat Boy S Mango
H-D Sportster Custom David

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