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By Walter F. Kern

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I'm seeing more and more motor scooters on the road. The high price of gas seems to be driving both motorcyclists and regular folks to look into acquiring a motor scooter. They're relatively cheap to buy, cheap to operate, and fun to ride.

We present here a gallery of motor scooter pictures as submitted by visitors to the Motorcycle Views site.

One of the biggest features on the Motorcycle Views site is Moto Pics, where visitors to the site can display and describe their motorcycles. There are some motor scooter pictures in Moto Pics. To get the new gallery going, I have extracted these motor scooter pictures from Moto Pics and from the old site.

We Need Your Help

Are you a motor scooter rider? Send in a picture of you and your scooter. We will place it in the Motor Scooter Picture Gallery. Submit a picture and description today. These pictures will also become part of Moto Pics.

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Gallery > Motor Scooter Pictures

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