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By Walter F. Kern

Owners give you firsthand motorcycle user reviews to help you buy

This site is now providing Motorcycle User Reviews* submitted by our visitors. These motorcycle user reviews give actual experiences of the owners of the bikes you may be wanting to buy.

You are encouraged to submit your own motorcycle user reviews. We especially encourage you to evaluate any new motorcycle you have just purchased. Wait a few months to get to know the machine and then write your review. Of course, we also want reviews of older motorcycles to assist people wanting to buy a used bike. Just use our simple submission form to send us your motorcycle user review.

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Here are the Motorcycle User Reviews by Make:

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* Please bear in mind that these User Reviews are for information only and also meant to provide a bit of entertainment. These reviews express the opinions of those riders who have taken the time to compose a review. Some reviews are detailed and useful. Some provide extremely negative opinions. Some are thoughtful while others are cursory. All have been edited. You should never assume that your experience with the same bike will be similar.

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