Walter takes in the View

Perdition's Socks Lifetime Achievement Award for 2007 Presented to Walter Kern

A luncheon was held at Buck's Bounty Restaurant in Erwinna, PA at 12:30 p.m. on March 31, 2007 to present an award to Walter Kern. This award was given to Walt by the Perdition's Socks Board of Directors as a Lifetime Achievement Award. Jack Riepe, Chamberlain, made the presentation. Those in attendance were: Jack Riepe, Walter Kern, Jane Ann Kern, Tony Luna, Mack Harrell, Dave (Grandad43) and Jane, Debbie Simpkins, and Clyde Simpkins. Here are a few pictures taken.

Those not in attendance missed a lot of laughs. Thanks Jack.

The motorcycles
Jack presents the award as Clyde and Debbie listen.
The Award
Walt shows the award.
Getting ready to leave. Tony, Jane, Jane, and Dave
Jack takes pictures of each person and their bike.

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